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Financial Stewardship (VSL)

Nov 16, 2015

by Ryan Hayes

Recently, Namikango held a brief three day meeting with about 40 key Preachers and Elders in the surrounding communities. The purpose of the meeting was to talk through Namikango's upcoming Village Savings and Loans program. (VSL) This is a program that allows individuals to form a savings group of their own, to both save and loan funds to each other within the group. No outside or Mission funds are used.

Meeting highlights included:

1) Bro. Bisani's learned lecture on the current economic climate of Malawi.

2) Bro. Chitani's helpful talks concerning the Scriptural foundation of financial stewardship and the church's role in strengthening the local community.

3) Of note also was Bro. Tinkhani's ability to explain the basics of VSL methodology in a learned and understandable way. He also aimed at helping leaders to see how this fits into the church's overall strategy of forming Christ-centered disciples in every sphere of life.

In all - we are grateful that there was a lot of enthusiasm as most of the leaders recognized the importance of this program for church and community members.

This program is the extension of Namikango's effort to help the people around us to be blessed in all areas of their lives, physical, economical, and spiritual. Ryan Hayes is dedicated toward this end. – s vaughn