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The Flood Waters came and went . . . but Hunger Remains!

Dec 10, 2015

by Sydney Vaughn

The devastating floods came 11 months ago, but people in Malawi are still feeling the results of it.

For many, crops were destroyed, and what food there was has been portioned out just a little each day . . . and now even that is gone.

• The grain bins are empty,
• supplies are depleted and
• severe hunger remains.

To help the hungry we will be purchasing bags of maize (corn) to be distributed. We will temporarily store the maize in the warehouse and distribution will take place very soon. We hope to have a more detailed report next month, but if you would like to share in this need, it would be greatly appreciated. Indicate "hunger" on your check and it will be used in this effort.

Blessings, Sidney