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Praise God! The rains have begun!

Dec 10, 2015

by Ryan Hayes

It is time to begin planting maize (corn) for next season’s harvest. And these early rains give a ray of hope to some hungry people. They are hoping that there will be a good crop this year and that it might come a little early because last year's crops were washed out by the floods. Many households and farms were washed away, food and livelihoods for a year -- gone!

More than this, the supply of maize from last year’s harvest was so poor that the price for maize has steadily risen as the supply has reduced, leaving the current price at about 40% higher than normal. It has helped that Zambia had a decent crop last year which allowed them to export some to Malawi for those who could afford it. All this has created a difficult situation for many Malawians.

The next few months will be dire as people wait and hope for another harvest. But in the meantime, help is needed; people in our area are starving. We have been praying and planning for the best way for Namikango to help during the difficult months ahead and we have decided that we should purchase a load of maize, store it in our medical warehouse, and distribute it directly to people in need. This won't solve all the problems but it will help. If you want to make a special donation toward feeding the hungry it will be greatly appreciated.