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After the Raging Flood

Dec 10, 2015

by Ben Hayes

Many were affected by the floods the first of the year; among them was our brother in Christ, Bro. Nazombe. He and his family saw their house heavily damaged by the raging waters. Bro. Nazombe is a kind, old, gentlemen who worked part-time at the Mission as a casual laborer.

He would walk an hour and half each day from his home to the Namikango campus to work, and back again in the evening just to gain a little income to support his family. Recently, we requested that he retire due to his age and the toll being taken on his body from the daily travel.

Thus, when the floods occurred and his house was affected (among many others) we wanted to help him through this disaster. The staff at Namikango agreed that we should help in a very comprehensive way and rebuild his home. Last week we arrived with a team from Namikango to “open” his new home. Though the house had been ready for almost a week, Bro. Nazombe would not sleep inside it until we came and officially “opened and blessed" it.

Three other staff members and I arrived and were welcomed with great exuberance. We cut the ribbon, and speeches were made by Nazombe’s family and the local village headman, expressing their deep gratitude.

As another rainy season approaches, this man and his family will have peace knowing they have a secure home to rest in. It has been a blessing to share in this confidence with him.