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Repairs, Rebuilding, and Supplies

Dec 10, 2015

by Ben Hayes

For the greater part of this year we have been looking at purchasing new classroom chairs/desks. We obtained several quotations and found the best option was one who gave us a discount for bulk purchase. In fact, we intended to look at this at the beginning of the last year, but as time went on we did not get to it. With the continued devaluation of the kwacha, I felt the price would continue to rise until the start of the school next year. So, the best time to order these seems to be now.

The quote came through recently at approx $3,200. This is for 50 chair/desk combinations. This may seem high, but we have gone with a reputable company and these items will be of good quality. It will be very beneficial to have them ready and in place when we begin studies next term . . . and . . . will be helpful if we begin the future English school studies, which we are hoping to do. .

Incidentally, the current desks have served us well, being in use since early in the Mission's beginning. Thanks as always for looking at these requests.

by Sidney Vaughn

For some time, we have been trying to replace or repair some of the smaller needs around the Mission, and, with the passing of time, those needs are many – such as repairing the damage to the Guardian house and replacing Medical equipment, which was done last month.

This month the Mission staff has been working toward replacing the very old classroom desks and chairs. We have given Ben the okay to order some "good quality" replacements -- and if you want to help with the cost of this $3,142, it will be a blessing and much appreciated.

In times past we had to wait for months until the money was raised for various projects, but by God's grace, we have some funds on hand and can now proceed immediately with the purchase and the funds you contribute toward this will replace our supply. Your faithful support for all our needs through the years has been a rich blessing.