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A Busy Time

Nov 29, 2012

Over the past few months we received approximately 33,000 primary education school books from the Malawi Project. The month began with excitement as we invited leading teachers and the Education Advisor for our region to attend our school books distribution function. The event was broadcast on local television, on the radio, and in the newspaper. This was the kick-off to an ongoing distribution of books to government and private schools in the area.
The limiting factor for many schools receiving the books is the lack of available transport to get books to their schools. So, many of these teachers brought their bikes, and loaded some 40 books on the back and started riding. Thus far we’ve donated 5000 books for schools and students who would otherwise have next to nothing in the way of textbooks. This is a major benefit to the education in our area and we deeply appreciate The Malawi Project for partnering with us in this.

Another area of ministry here is an outreach program where our staff goes door to door in nearby villages, sharing the good news of Jesus to those who will listen. We recently wrote about a Muslim lady who was converted to Christ. This new Christian has undergone persecution from her family because of her conversion and she was beaten physically by some of her relatives. When advised to report this to the police she refused, saying that does not show the love of Christ. This is the kind of resolve she has in her new faith. We all can learn from the courage of this lady. I will write more on her situation in a future update.

Celebration: Bisani Mphongolo, our assistant director, was recently installed as an elder at Ndirande Church of Christ in Blantyre. A special function was held at the church and we were blessed to be a part of the celebration.
We have been waiting for a shipment of personal goods and the freight container finally arrived in good condition, with all items intact (as best we can tell). There were a few extra charges along the way, but receiving our goods four months after having shipped them is a good feeling. We cannot complain.

To end the month, the primary Bible School staff of 12 men and I went for a 2-day retreat on top of nearby Zomba Mountain. We had just received our first big rain for the season, the air was clear, and the view from the mountain was breathtaking. This was a touch of God’s goodness to highlight a good weekend. We focused our discussion on discipleship and what walking in the way of Jesus means and looks like. It was a refreshing break on the back end of our busiest time of the year.
We want to thank all of you for your prayers on our behalf. Many of you have been praying about our decision on where to deliver our baby and we feel God has led us to return to the States for this. We plan to leave at the end of November and be back by late January. The Lord bless each of you as you continue to serve Him in your jobs, schools, and homes.

Grace and Peace, Ben and Becca Hayes

P.S. You may view additional photos of these events on our blog.