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A Word of Appreciation, Goodbye Good Friend, To my dear Brother Bisani

Feb 16, 2016

My family and I are very thankful to God for the 10 years I served the Lord at Namikango Mission and for all the support I received. I am grateful to have been part of a godly team. My wife and I are also grateful for the opportunity of a lifetime being able to visit brethren in the U.S. in 2009 and because of this we can better appreciate the work at the Mission from another dimension.

I am thankful for the spiritual lessons I learned from Bro Vaughn, Bro Shelburne, and Bro Mark Thiesen and I will be eternally grateful. I believe I am a better person because I served the Lord at Namikango. My family prays that the Lord will continue to bless the work of the Mission through the leadership of Bro Ben Hayes and the brethren who are taking on my duties.

I am now in Lilongwe (Central Malawi) where I work as General Manager for a multinational company called Exagris Africa, Ltd. We are an agri-business company of 600 employees and 4,000 temporary workers during peak times. I have before me the task of attaining both short and long term strategic objectives. My family is amazed that the door God has opened for us here is 'far beyond all that we asked and hoped for!" (Eph. 3 vs 20).

I have assured Brother Ben that I am available for anything they may need from me. I still consider myself part of the Namikango family.
Many thanks for all your prayers,

Yours In Christ,
Bisani Mphongolo


Goodbye Good Friend

We have just said goodbye to one of Namikango’s longest standing employees – Bisani Mphongolo. I learned much from Bisani over these last three years of working together, but one of the greatest of these was patience. One challenge we face here is being able to work well and communicate with people from a western background, and at the same time relate well with people who live in rural Malawi. It is a role that takes a lot of patience. Proverbs says, “A man’s patience gives him wisdom.” I have seen this truth in Bisani.

Many people look to him and his wife as excellent role models. He has counseled many staff members on campus, both young and old.

Bisani stood by the previous Missionary/Director through some hard times and has helped to bring Namikango where it is today. We are very grateful for how God has used Bisani and his family to bless the work at Namikango, and we still see him being strongly connected to the family here. He will be missed as a co-worker and friend. We ask God’s blessings over him and his family as they move into the next phase of their lives.

Ben Hayes

To my dear Brother Bisani

You have blessed the work at Namikango and it was a joy to work by your side for these 10 years. Though we were a world apart, in Christ we were very near, in Christ we are one.

I pray for many more years of fellowship, as we continue serving God together. Your fellow servant in Christ,

Sidney Vaughn






This is one of my favorite pictures of Bisani. - SV