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Hunger Relief Efforts

Feb 16, 2016

We are nearing the end of our initial hunger relief effort and it has been a long, hard year, especially for those who saw their homes and crops washed away by the floods a year ago. Our workers have spent many hours of preparation and travel, sometimes late into the night, to ensure the food distribution goes well and is handled with integrity. On a recent trip, the transport vehicle broke down just outside the town where distribution was to take place so they distributed maize from the side of the road well into the night, arriving back on the Mission campus around 2am. We selected 700 individuals to receive a 50kg (110 lbs) bag of maize each. They had been recommended by leaders at over 200 churches and four districts in Malawi. This 50kg bag is enough to feed a family of five for a little over a month. The individuals who received the bags first were widows and the elderly (over 70). Of course, 700 people is a tiny drop in the bucket of the hunger situation that currently exists in Malawi. It was a challenge to identify who should receive help when so many are in need. Some churches would kindly refuse to take a bag of maize, knowing that another church nearby was not going to receive anything.

To make it easy for people to collect the grain, we purchased the bags in bulk and stored them in our warehouse, then hired transport to take the maize to the town nearest the individuals receiving the maize. Also, as aid was given, we offered to follow up with training in agriculture or other income generating activities by our Namikango team. This is certainly a time of crisis, and an aid response is needed. At the same time, we hope to be able to give more than food to these people and help prevent a crisis on this level, at least for some, in the future.

As we come to the end of our distribution effort, we can actually see how severe the hunger situation is. BBC news ranked Malawi as the very worse hunger crisis of any area. Moreover, rains started on time this year, promising a potentially good harvest this season to compensate for the floods last year. However, in some areas, the rain stopped for four weeks, causing hopes to wither along with the maize they already planted.

We get calls and drop-in visits from people daily requesting help in this crisis. We want to ask our faithful supporters to consider making a special donation for food because people really are in need. We thought for a time that we were through, but now, we are planning a second round of distribution to bring some relief. Please be praying for the good people here in Malawi, that regular rains will come this year, and that food will be found in the mean-time. Thank you very much.