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How to succeed?

Feb 16, 2016

by Justine Hayes

Imagine living in a third world village and you want to "excel," to "succeed in business." Would you go down to the local Bank and secure a start-up loan? Not hardly, there is no Bank or Savings & Loan available in the village, and the loan officer at the big bank in the big city would just politely smile at you and shake his head. What is a person to do to get out of the rut?

Part of the work that we are doing through the Mission will be a solution to that need. One of our duties is to help the people in a village area to join together and form their own Savings & Loan, we call it VSL - Village Savings & Loan.

Namikango has now hired a man, Tinkhani Phiri, to work with Ryan in this area and to oversee this work. Tinkhani’s job is to set up guidelines for local people to establish their own VSL and to monitor them.

When asked what he enjoys about his job, Tinkhani replied, “It is satisfying to see people do things on their own, to take ownership, without depending on handouts.”

Although he has been employed here for just a short time, Tinkhani has seen the work of the Mission and it has affected his personal life as he participates in the daily prayer time for all the Mission staff. Tinkhani says his prayer is that God will bless each village that Namikango works with by allowing them to one day have their own VSL group and that God will allow him to develop skills that will empower more people to be self-sustainable.