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Planning for the Year

Feb 16, 2016

by Ben Hayes

To start the year off well, 10 of our key staff members who serve as heads of different departments went off campus for a 2 day annual planning meeting, (which turned into 3days). The group that met for this meeting is what we call our Program Management Committee, a newly formed group that functions as decision making committee for strategic issues, policies, and ministry decisions.

This allows voice from each dept. to speak into and share wisdom with the others, whether it be about the Bible School, Agriculture, Finance, or any of the 5 or so other ministries Namikango is a part of.

With almost half the team at this meeting being new this year, we were able to look back and see where God had brought us the previous year, and anticipate the exciting events God has for us this coming year.

By meeting off campus it allowed us to be away from the daily activities we face in the office, and it was an enjoyable change. This gave some perspective as we planned for the coming year. We had a time of fasting and prayer together for a couple days before the meeting, asking God to lead us. We trust that he did and will continue to do so as we move into the year.