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Doing Good Long After We Are Gone

Feb 16, 2016

In recent times I have been amazed to see how much the faith of some church leaders mushroomed when their bank account got a sudden boost. I won’t cite names here, but I watched one congregation triple its considerable mission commitments when an unexpected bequest swelled their church coffers. Suddenly this small church was tackling global projects they never would have considered before their departed member left them a substantial portion of his estate.

I could multiply this true story with half a dozen others about Christian ministries and charities that many of us have supported for a long time. These proven works were generously included in the wills of several believers who recently passed away. Those givers are gone now, but their works do follow them—sometimes in amazing ways.

Does it light up your soul to think that a portion of your estate might replace the aging maternity clinic at Namikango? What if you left behind funds to erect the mission’s much-needed building for Bible studies with visiting church leaders?

Some of us have been supporting Namikango’s fine ministries for over half a century. Now that our own years are waning, some thoughtful, well-planned will writing could provide more for the mission than all our previous gifts combined.

What will your dollars do for the Lord after you’re gone?

Gene Shelburne