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Community Health Evangelism

Mar 11, 2016

Under Ryan Hayes’ leadership, Namikango Mission is reaching out to local communities and sharing ways for them to address their own problems and needs and to find solutions without relying on outside help. This is now being done through seminars with local people, including church leaders and even local Chiefs. At these seminars they are taught godly principles in an easy to understand way that they can then teach to others. We are calling this effort CHE for Community Health Evangelism.

The primary effort of CHE is to equip local people with ways to resolve problems through a teamwork effort. The local leaders seek to recognize the skills, resources, and assets they already have and show them how they can find solutions on their own and not rely on persons or assets from outside the community.

This is a program that really works. It addresses the needs of the physical, spiritual, and social health of people and communities and allows us the opportunity to also share Jesus with them.

Ryan is excited about this effort and calls its effectiveness, "Wonderful." . . . I agree.

Sidney Vaughn