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Trip to Northern Malawi

Mar 11, 2016

For the first time in the three years that we’ve been here, we made a trip to the Northern part of Malawi. Three of us – Ryan, Chitani Bakali, our Bible School Coordinator, and I made the trip; we were newbies to this part of Malawi. We had the opportunity to meet old friends and new acquaintances as well. After spending some time with church leaders, we moved on to visit one of our Village Bible Schools in Rumphi District. This Bible School has been working together with another Bible school in the area that has its roots in another brotherhood mission, called Luagha. One of the things that makes our visit to the North special is that Luagha Mission is where previous Namikango missionary Mark Thiesen, grew up. It’s wonderful to see the work Mark’s parents started so many years ago, and Namikango still working together after all these years. We met several long time family friends of the Thiesen’s and learned more about the impact of their work in the area, as well as getting to see the place Mark grew up as a young man.

At Ekwendeni we learned about an impressive community -church program that church leaders have initiated. It allows local farmers to take a loan to purchase seed and fertilizer needed for their gardens. The group then sells portions of their harvest and saves that money in a communal bank account towards the purchase of seed/fertilizer the following year. The other portion of the harvest will be used to support their own families. Discovering this activity in a church where we are already connected was exciting to see what initiatives are being taken by the church to make an impact in the community.

The highlight of the trip though, was getting to visit our two Village Bible Schools in the area which are only two years old. Both schools are vibrant and eager to recruit more students, and find ways of sharing the Gospel.

The committees running these schools are eager to find means of helping the local church to financially support the Bible Schools, and this was really encouraging to see. In addition, these two have a higher number of women Bible School students and this is greatly needed in the church in Malawi.

All of these things combined made for a wonderful first visit to the North. We look forward to seeing how both the strengthened relationships with our existing co-workers as well as relationships with new friends continue to grow.

Ben Hayes