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Remembering Philes Fraide (Friday) Nsalira

Apr 18, 2016

Philes Fraide (Friday) Nsalira, was 75 when he went to be with the Master in eternity.

From 1991 to 1994 he attended one of Namikango's Village Bible Schools. After completing his studies, he became one of the Bible School’s active teachers. He began fulltime work at Namikango on 1st April 2001. He began with clerical duties and soon grew into outreach programs both in Malawi and Mozambique. When he retired and moved back home he actively encouraged many in his home area to enroll for Bible School Studies. Nsalira loved the Lord and the Church He is remembered as a man who advocated peace and unity in the church.

Symon Katete

I was involved with the hiring of Nsalira, as a Village Bible Study teacher in 2001, then as fulltime at Namikango. Ntalira was very helpful to me with advice, traveling, dealing with church matters, and as a teaching partner.

Lendal Wilks

I probably traveled and worked more with Nsalira than any of the other staff at Namikango. He had tremendous amounts of energy and any time the Mission vehicle moved to go to meetings or do village work - he was in it. He had a gentle spirit about him and was not afraid to laugh... even at himself.

He always wanted to learn. I remember when a set of commentaries was sent to the staff, he opened at page one and began to study. Other staff members laughed at him and told him in a commentary you just look up the passages you want to study, you don't have to read the whole book. But his thirst for knowledge was so great that he wanted to read every page.

Mark Thiesen

Nsalira was in attendance at my wedding in 1987. Our small congregation sponsored him so he could attend the Village Bible Studies. Then in 2005, when I began work at Namikango, he was there to eagerly greet and welcome me. This good man has impacted the lives of many people spiritually – including mine.

Bisani Mphongolo