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VSL Training - Getting a good idea started

Apr 18, 2016

After many months of preparation, last week marked the first training session for those who will be leading the way in getting the Village Savings & Loans (VSL) started. The idea of having a savings & loan program for the villagers to own and manage for themselves is a good idea and the villagers are excited about it, but making it real takes a lot of training before we begin. We are literally training the trainers. This first session included three full days of training for 29 selected leaders (both men and women) from five districts in our area. Our VSL Mission Teacher, Tinkhani, did the bulk of the training. The primary task of the training was to get the trainees prepared for starting a VSL program in their own area.

The training also covered important topics such as:

1.) How to lead the group on financial issues that may arise and how to handle them in a Christ-centered way,
2.) How to lead a Scripture study on the chosen topic within a group, and
3.) How to guide people on their own household financial issues.

This initial training session will be followed up with a number of group visits and trainings in order to develop the trainers in each group. We want them to fully understand how these savings groups can provide a path of financial "smoothing'' for their businesses and even for their own households.

We feel very good about this beginning of the program and we are looking forward to seeing how God will use this program to bring a deeper vision of “life to the full” among our churches and communities.

Ryan Hayes