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"The hunger situation here is very bad."

Apr 18, 2016

While the Northern region has had a few good rains and is waiting for the harvest, people in the South (our area) have not only lost last year's crop in the flood, but the crops they hoped to have this year did not produce. The seeds were sown and sprouts budded but they died before they produced anything. Many people in the South have pulled their maize out of the ground because it has withered before getting close to maturity.

People are suffering – spiritually and physically

What compounds this is the utter hopelessness the people feel for they see no relief in the near future. Even those with money to buy maize find it difficult to buy as a truck comes to most villages every three or four weeks and it will only carry a limited amount of maize. Even then, it is first come, first served, until the maize is gone. People come and wait for hours or days hoping to be able to purchase or beg for grain, often to no avail.

The Mission team is on the ground here and ready to move forward. We need to purchase and distribute $40,000 worth of grain immediately; I am waiting for approval to move ahead on this.

Please assist us, and the people in Malawi, in meeting this goal.
Thanks and Blessings to you all,