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The Heart of the Gospel

Apr 18, 2016

During the last several weeks we’ve had the opportunity as a team at Namikango to discuss what kind of team we’d like to be. We’re going through a wonderful series called “The Beauty of Partnership” which is a Scripturally based study for cross-cultural teams. Trust, humility, learning to listen, and what all of these characteristics look like and how they are expressed in a different culture have been on the discussion list. This has opened the door for individuals to be able to share and make us aware of another person's culture, including areas that need special handling in each culture, and among our team in general.

One of the primary focuses recently has been on trust, and how openness and acceptance are pre-requisites to trust. It has been amazing to see how Jesus embodied all of this in His ministry. Truly the Gospel is at the heart of each of these characteristics.

It was a blessed day that ended with a demonstration of what we had been discussing, when we all broke into groups and washed each other's feet just as Jesus did His disciples’. It was a powerful and humbling experience.

We see God’s timing in having these opportunities to learn together, especially as we start a busy year. As is often the case, the challenge in moving forward is to act on what knowledge you receive. We would really appreciate your prayers for our team here, and that we are deepened through these studies and that we will more embody Christ’s model for Kingdom service.


Ben Hayes