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Response to Hunger

Mar 1, 2013

Many people are hungry because of the drought a year ago. Some crops were poor last year and people are now feeling the loss. What crops there were have now run out. We have recently targeted several districts near the Mission where we are distributing funds to help provide some relief to the hunger problem in our area. It seems a little strange that the problem is so severe in some areas and in others the country is bursting with life from the frequent rains.
We are hoping and praying for good rains and good crops for the season ahead. But solid downpours of rain will not solve today’s problem. People are hungry today. They cannot survive without help.
Harvesting will begin in the near future but until then people find themselves with little to no food and no money. This is why we have made an initiative to help – at least to the extent we are able. Today’s distribution was through six different congregations we visited providing food to 150 people. These daily visits will continue to other districts. We now have over 1,000 people on our list to whom we are scheduled to provide enough money for the purchase of some corn to help sustain the family for a short while.

Doing What We Can

Our help is limited to orphans and to the elderly, to people who cannot do for themselves. We do not assist the strong and healthy. They may be hurting too, but, they can manage, there are things they can do.

We had our primary vehicle, a late model pickup, stolen about 6 months ago, and our travels are greatly hampered. We are currently using the one old mission vehicle we have that also operates as our Maternity Clinic ambulance, as our goods distribution truck, and our daily operations vehicle. It is unsuited for visits into the deep bush as its reliability is becoming more and more questionable, especially during this time of the year with such heavy rains.
But, God is providing a way forward, and we will continue to target individuals that have been labeled by their churches as those in the most need.
In addition to this hunger distribution, we recently distributed goods and clothes to over 300 orphans in our community.
We will keep you informed as the distribution continues. We want to thank all of you who have helped to provide funds towards this need. We would not be able to do this without you. You are making a difference.

Ben Hayes