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Hunger Relief Efforts

Jun 21, 2016

Our effort to bring needed food to starving families continues. We are now reaching about 3,000 families and would like to double this. There are some 6,000 or more families nearby who are still in extreme need. We hope to extend our help to all of them. The generosity of our supporters is making this look like a possibility. Thank you and praise God!

Let me share a typical food distribution visit as we drive up to the scheduled site with a load of grain. Many of the people who had previously been selected by the church leaders were ready and waiting. (We have instructed the leaders to seek out all those who were most desperate from their village and not limit it to church members only.)

The joyful response from the people who received grain was worth all the effort. Even this small distribution is making a difference to people! Beyond receiving something to eat, it gives encouragement that they are not alone, that there are people who care about them.

Along with grain, we are providing a supply of Moringa for each family. This is a naturally-grown leaf crushed into a powder, which provides nutrients and vitamins and is better than the grain alone.

We continue to seek your support so that we can reach more people. We want to double the amount of families we’ve targeted so far. Thank you for what you have done. It is truly a blessing to these good people!

Ben Hayes