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Bible Schools Up and Running

Jun 21, 2016

The Bible School on campus has begun for another year. We have 8 returning students plus three new students. These three studied in a Village Bible Center near their home. This will be the fourth year of study for them and they wanted to finish at Namikango. This shows a serious desire to learn and we welcome them. Our two teachers at the Mission are Chitani Bakali and Samuel Tambala (one of our newest recruits from last year).

Our 23 Village Bible Schools started up last week as well. The hunger situation here continues to be a serious issue for everyone, and this will have an effect on Village Centers as they try to provide food for the students. The Bible Committees are trying to find enough food to operate their respective village study centers. We are going to give each Center some maize just to help them jumpstart the year.At the beginning of each year our Hayes family hosts the students for a “Welcome to Namikango” event.

We shared cokes and some snacks, together with some soccer and good time getting to know each other. It’s always an exciting part of the year to see the school running on campus; we look forward to what this year has in store.