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New Additions Around Namikango

Jun 21, 2016

We’ve had two recent purchases this month that will be making an impact on both the Bible School side and on the Maternity Clinic side of the Mission.

Maternity Clinic’s New Ambulance

On the Maternity side, we have received the long awaited ambulance, adapted specifically to serve as an ambulance. It has been 3 years since the original ambulance was in the terrible wreck which totaled it, and we have been using other Mission vehicles as a replacement. The nurses at the clinic are rejoicing at having a stretcher-bed to place pregnant mothers on inside a spacious back end, along with all the necessary items for IV hookups and other medical needs. Plus, they have comfort in knowing reliable transportation will be immediately available. And, when you are rushing to the hospital with a patient in serious condition, it is nice to have a siren and flashing lights opening the way through people walking and driving and riding bicycles. All in all a wonderful blessing for the well-recognized Clinic.

Namikango’s New Special Tractor

A new V-Tractor which was donated to Namikango Mission by the Malawi Project this year has already been making its mark. This tractor is not only able to till the land, it also serves as an in-field transport. Ten acres at Namikango have been dedicated for farming. There is a great need for transportation of goods as well as taking care of the land itself and the V-tractor has provided both transport and toil.

Although planting season and the need for plowing will not come until the end of the year, harvest time in Malawi is here right now. The V-Tractor has provided efficiently and has been able to harvest the maize that we have here on our campus. This is work that otherwise would have taken weeks to finish, ferrying maize to and from the field to the storage facility, has only taken a couple of days. This grain provides food for the students at the Mission and a portion for those who come seeking food.

Furthermore, we have a coffee/macadamia orchard that is in its early stages on the far end of our property, and with the drought we have, the tractor, along with its sprayer tank, has made it possible for us to irrigate our crops more effectively during this difficult year.

While the tractor is of great value to the Mission, the plan for its use has always been to benefit the community.

Plans are being developed as to how we will best be able to do that in the coming months as we look ahead to the next planting season in November. In the meantime, we would like to convey our deep gratitude for this very generous gift and to the Malawi Project for making this possible.

New Desks

Bible Students are also enjoying a change of scenery. Our remarkable, older desks have served us well for over 30 years and have now been retired. We brought in some desk-chairs that are already getting good use. These desk-chairs are a first step toward a larger project of new classrooms that we plan to build in the next few years, as well as developing the Bible School and its curriculum as a whole.

Ben Hayes