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Amazing Answer to Prayer

Jul 18, 2016

We set a goal to help with the terrible hunger situation which was at its worst in our immediate area. Our supporters met the goals we set, and we were able to distribute large amounts of grain to widows, orphans, and the elderly . . . to those who could not help themselves. The Mission staff reported that two tours of grain distribution had been completed, but that the hunger conditions were far worse than we had expected. The devastation was greater than we realized.

God knew better than we did . . . Our contributions did not stop when we met our goals, but continued to half again of what we asked for. When I reported this to Ben – who has just returned to the States on furlough, he said, "Praise God. This is truly an answer to prayer! Now we can continue our food distribution. We really did need those additional funds." That very day, word was sent to the Mission to continue the grain distribution.

While extreme hunger is a terrible thing, it is also an opportunity to teach, and that is just what the Mission staff does. They call together the leaders in the area we have helped and tell them we have a message that will help them even further. Then, along with sharing the good news of Christ's saving grace, they teach basic principles of farming and conservation, ways to grow more with less water, ways to develop composts instead of using expensive fertilizers.

The people listened to every word. This also is the approach that Ryan Hayes uses in teaching the villagers how to help themselves and even to establish their own savings and loans. Throughout this, he teaches them about the love of God.

This mirrors exactly the ministry of Jesus. He went about doing good, but His primary goal was not to feed the hungry, which He did, nor was it to heal the sick, which He did. His mission was to share the Good News of salvation. And when He performed acts of kindness, He got people's attention. They were eager to listen when Jesus spoke words of life and salvation.