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Seeking and Practicing Unity

Jul 18, 2016

During the Teacher Refresher Course for our teachers we had earlier this year, we were able to witness what God was doing in reconciling several brothers from different churches. We invited all of them to the same meeting, to visit Namikango first hand and to see who we are and what we are teaching. We all had the opportunity to visit together, and to really get to know each other and share time in prayer. We were taught about God's grace and His love, and the need to walk together in peace.

One of the teachers who witnessed the event was Bro. Maonga, a Bible teacher from Zomba East. He was touched by our unifying approach, and when he recalled the problems which were dividing the church in his area, he decided to use this same method of reaching out, with fellowship and prayer together.

After the seminar in March, Bro. Maonga returned to his home determined to start work, to practice what he had learned at Namikango. He sent word to the leaders in and around Sakata and called for a meeting to discuss unity. Congregations which were not cooperating together were invited, along with some who were not in support of the Bible School in their area. Their differences were identified and they agreed on a way forward to get to solutions. Leaders and churches are being reconciled together again after a long time of disagreement and separation.

A Positive milestone has been achieved! Praise God!

Bro. Maonga came back three weeks later along with some leaders of the area to report about the good news – “God has miraculously worked in the Sakata area. This is amazing.” Nothing is too hard for the Lord (Jer. 32:17…Mark 10:27).

For some, unity is a far-fetched dream; but for us, it is our daily prayer that the church should remain united. The devil is pleased to see God's people fighting over issues and he enjoys our being divided because he knows in so doing we cannot achieve our goal for reaching lost souls. Let us make every effort to advocate peace and unity, not wasting time on our petty issues – Col. 4:5.

Symon John Katete