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Noted Primary School Continues to Raise the Bar

Jul 18, 2016

At the end of each year we take the opportunity to visit Ntonda Primary School to encourage the teachers for the work they do. This year several of us went and had a wonderful time meeting the teachers and students. We presented the teachers with a gift and words of encouragement for their work.

Ntonda Primary School’s results continue to improve each year. This is mostly measured by the number of students that are chosen to go on to a national, district, or community secondary school (high school) at the end of the year. This year, worthy of noting is the fact that two students were chosen for national secondary school. This is a great success. Plus, 10 were chosen for district secondary schools – also a good accounting. Last year we had one chosen for national, and two for district, and many others chosen for local secondary schools. This is a continued improvement and has been tangibly recognized in that the school size has grown this year, specifically in Grade 8, which is the grade before heading into higher schooling. Seeing that students at Ntonda are being selected for secondary schools encourages parents to send their children to Ntonda in hopes that their children will excel too. This shows the hard work of the teachers at Ntonda and is good to see them continue to raise its standard.

Ntonda is sponsored by Namikango Mission and we maintain a full-time Bible teacher there – Bro. Timothy Jailos.