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Good Driver is a Necessity ... not a Luxury

Jul 18, 2016

By Samantha Wheeler, Intern

Thompson Matebule has been the faithful driver for Namikango Mission for the last ten years. As the Mission driver, Thompson's responsibilities include transporting both the Mission staff and maternity patients to and from the Mission. He also keeps records of the Mission’s vehicles and their use. Plus, when his driving takes him on a village visit, he is often asked to preach for them.

He stays prepared for the opportunity. Over the past ten years, Thompson has seen himself grow spiritually and because of this, his job has taken on a whole new meaning. He says, “When I drive a patient to the hospital it isn’t just a feeling that I am doing my job, but as a Christian it is my duty to help.” He loves that Namikango cares for people.

Thompson has been a huge blessing to the Mission and it is satisfying to know he is on the job when it is time to travel.