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Village Bible Schools – Looking Ahead

Jul 18, 2016

We have many Village Study Centers and we want to keep them up-to-date and accountable. It is important that the leaders in each study center share in the responsibility of maintaining their school. Our agreement is that the Mission will support them for three months and the study center will support itself the next three months. If this is not met, that center may be asked to sit out for a year and plan for the following year.

Then for study centers that do well, we want to consider providing incentives in several ways:

In special training for their teachers plus assistance with their crops, seeds, and establishing a community bank account to assist in farming needs. The farmers would sell a portion of their harvest and invest that money in a community bank account for use the following year. We saw this idea working well on our trip to South Africa and think it’s a great possibility for creating revenue to help the school committees maintain the school, as well as providing a demonstration to the community of good farming techniques.


This year is the last year for lessons to be taught in Chichewa on campus. By the year 2018 we hope to have the English school operating on campus. The following year (2019) we want to start the Village Study Center schools on a new two-year curriculum. Several thoughts on this: The English program will be 3 years for a diploma, so it makes sense that a certificate level course should be shorter. Also, the timing seems to be good to make this change, as we also want to be more selective about which teachers will teach and how they teach. We are planning to announce this at the Teacher Refresher Course, telling teachers to get ready for special training next year, and thereafter there will be an evaluation to select those who will continue to teach. One reason for this is that there has been the assumption that once they finish the bible school, they are automatically a teacher. But some are not able to teach due to lack of skill or other reasons. Poor teaching has also caused us to have to redo some classes.

All in all, we see these changes increasing the number of students and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the Village Study Centers.

Discipleship Program

In line with this, over the last year and half we have been talking about our desire to invest more in some of the teachers/preachers that we see as being exceptional who are also grace/unity-focused in line with Namikango’s historical stance. The annual Teacher Refresher Course is about 50-60 people, which allows us some hours with all these men for a week, but only once a year. We are proposing to select 10-12 of them, and bring them to Namikango once a month for a two-day session of learning together, praying together, and pouring into each other’s lives. We would want to do this for something like a two year period, and then see where we are. Of course, the challenge can come in choosing individuals and not offending others at the same time.

We would spend the two days going through material together with Ryan, Chitani and me facilitating, though not really teaching. We envision this being different than perhaps what they are used to: just spending time together in different atmospheres, reflecting on the Word and growing together. I don’t know exactly what the end goal would be except to hopefully end up with a handful of grace-oriented men who love their churches and will go on to disciple others in their areas, as well as growing more ourselves.

More later, but I wanted to present the idea here.

I believe the timing for some of these changes is happening naturally, and couldn’t have, nor didn’t need to have happened earlier.

We ask for your prayers as we seek God’s will for us in the days ahead.

Blessings, Ben Hayes

Ben, I am overwhelmed reading these plans for the future. It is easy for a long standing mission like Namikango to grow lax, weak, and routine. Too familiar. This is always a concern in the back of my mind. But as I read the outstanding report of plans for the future I see vibrancy and cutting edge sharpness. I see strength and dedication growing in the days ahead. Truly, Namikango is becoming a shining light to the world. I applaud your heart and dedication to become one with Christ.

I would like to share these plans with our supporters even though some plans are not complete.

Blessings, Sidney Vaughn