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Who would have known?

Aug 17, 2016

It is always good to see how creatively God works beyond our capacity – even in the “small things” that we do. Well, it is not really a “small thing” to write a book, but perhaps Uncle B. Shelburne did not think that his "small book" Mbiri ya Mpingo on Church History of Malawi would go beyond use at the Namikango Bible School or beyond the local Churches of Christ members. But, it has come to our attention recently that Mbiri ya Mpingo is currently being used as a primary textbook for other Bible Schools in Malawi, including Zomba Theological and Evangelical Bible College in Blantyre.

This is just another reminder of the many ways in which God uses every aspect of our lives to bless others and to bless His Kingdom work. Who would have known?

What a mighty God we have!