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Hunger Situation Updates

Aug 17, 2016

Doreen Daison, a young mother of two, in her late twenties, lives in a village of about 100 families. She says, "People are hungry because many people, including myself, did not harvest any food this year. The rains started well, but they stopped. Our crops were destroyed by the prolonged drought and we harvested nothing.”

She further says, "It is a hard life trying to find food. To have food for the day, many people cut the trees to make charcoal which we can sell to get money for food."

The nation is losing more trees every day and this leads to reduced rainfall, which leads to less crops. It is hard to convince people in this village to stop cutting trees, because this is their only resource.

Doreen's expression changed from frowns to smiles when we gave her a sack of grain. She said, "I did not expect this. Many aid groups have come to this area to register which people are in need of food. They look around, and see starving people, but they do not come back. I am surprised that you actually have grain for us. And I am very thankful that I will have food for my family today”.

In the picture Doreen is holding a 22-lb bag of flour and a bottle of Moringa powder, which is loaded with vitamins.

Over the next few days we will have distributed a truck load of 3,500 bags of grain. Each bag of grain will have a different story to tell, much like Doreen's, but, they will all end with, "Thank you very much!"

Report by Wilson Tembo

Re-Visiting These Areas

The hunger situation is still desperate and will remain so through the year I believe. We are now finishing our original efforts of food distribution and are planning on re-visiting some of these areas to provide training to people in hopes of helping them prepare for future difficulties. We believe this training will make a longer term impact.