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Meet Mervis

Aug 17, 2016

Mervis Tanganyika has served as the Accountant Assistant for Namikango Mission for the past year bringing with her the privilege to call herself the first full-time woman staff member. Her first experience with Namikango took place at the age of thirteen (13) when she attended a youth seminar here at the Mission. She enjoys very much helping the Mission take care of funds and seeing Namikango’s effect on the community. She says her work here brings her much joy. Though she is primarily involved with the financial aspect, she considers it a privilege to be a part of all God’s work being done at Namikango. Mervis enjoys reading and watching films as well as traveling throughout Malawi to discover new things.

After working here for a short time, Mervis acknowledges her growth spiritually, especially since she now has more opportunity to study Scripture, and to see firsthand the work being done by all the staff at Namikango. When Mervis helps with the Namikango charity account, she often feels the strain between being generous to people in need of assistance and sometimes having to turn people away. Mervis prays for the growth of Namikango and sees great things in store for its future.