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Effie & Febbie Retire

Aug 17, 2016

By Symon Katete

We honored two distinguished ladies who had dedicated themselves to the successful running of Namikango Maternity Clinic. The decision to retire these two ladies was arrived at after a directive from government overseers - CHAM, telling us government support will not continue past age 60.


She was the Sister In Charge of the Maternity Clinic for seven years. Mrs. Matipwili was highly qualified with many years of experience in her career. We engaged her at a time when we were in transition to upgrade our standards to meet government requirements in health delivery. She has served well. We will remember her for her generosity and a spirit of sharing.


She joined Namikango as a young lady of 33 years of age and has completed her service with the Maternity Clinic after a period of 30 years. The value of her longevity is shown when we hired a nurse to be her assistant. That nurse was born at the clinic where she now works. Mrs. Chikwama was liked by the patients and she treated them as if they were her family and they loved it.

We pray the two ladies have a happy retirement and ask God Almighty to grant them many years of good health.