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On Furlough…

Aug 17, 2016

We’ve been in the states for about a month and a half and are really enjoying the change of pace. We’ve spent a lot of time in the car so far, driving from Houston to Lubbock, Dallas, and Mississippi, visiting churches, family and friends. It’s amazing to see how many people God uses to bring about His work in different places in the world. Being back in the states is always a great reminder of the major role that so many people here have in making it possible for us to serve in Malawi, not only financially, but through the prayers and friendships of people.

We will close off our time in Lubbock towards the end of August with a Namikango Board Meeting. After this we will travel back to Houston and spend a few days with our teammates – Ryan and Justine, before we head back to Malawi on Sept. 10th. Thank you for all your prayers during this time. Our kids continue to adjust to the change and transition of furlough. They often ask when we will go back to Malawi, but it has been a really good visit for all of us so far.

Ben Hayes