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Danger on the Highways!

Mar 29, 2013

Greetings Everyone,

I am saddened to report a very bad situation we recently had at the Mission. Two of our senior staff members – Rodrick Maluwa and Symon Katete – were on their way back from a Hunger Relief distribution visit, when an oncoming vehicle was attempting to pass another vehicle (illegally) and they crashed head-on into our guys. Both Rodrick and Symon were seriously injured. They were admitted to Zomba Hospital. The accident happened around 6 PM. We received a call at the Mission an hour and half later and left immediately for the hospital. The scene at the hospital was very difficult for many of us to see. After 5 hours in the hospital, the doctors were finally able to call in an X-Ray Technician. Tests were performed around 1AM, (6 hours after the accident). Time goes slowly when you are in tense situations. After a long night, both men were stabilized. We were finally able to breathe and praise God they were alive. Both have serious chest pain; Symon has a small fracture in his sternum. Rodrick took a heavy blow to the face and lost several teeth, along with a knee injury that is also undiagnosed.

We have had to make serious changes to our work, as the Annual Refresher Course was scheduled to take place a few days after the accident. Both Symon and Rodrick were key teachers for this training course.

The gap left by Symon and Rodrick's current absence will be hard to fill. Please be praying for their recovery and for their families.

In addition, as you can see in the pictures, the Mission vehicle was totaled. This had been our one remaining, good vehicle. It served as our Ambulance for the Maternity Clinic, as transport for supplies, transport for teachers, and many other uses. We once had two good vehicles: this one and a newer pickup. The newer one was hijacked and stolen about 8 months ago, leaving us with one vehicle doing double duty. We are now left with a small, very old Nissan that is able only to make short trips and only on good roads. This obviously puts a halt to much of our work. Losing the first vehicle drastically slowed our work. But now with this recent accident, much of the work we do has come to a complete stop. We hope to locate another vehicle soon and to find a way to purchase it. We must have transportation. We will be using the old Nissan but are limited to short trips only.

We thank God that these good men have survived. It could have easily been fatal for both of them. It is amazing that through the years there has not been a serious accident like this before. God is watching over us.


Just a word to let you know that Rodrick and Symon came home today after a week in the hospital. Both are still in considerable pain and recovering slowly. They are taking fluids now and able to eat soft porridge. Symon's sternum is indeed cracked, but he is told it will eventually heal. Rodrick needed his mouth stitched in some places and is still feeling pain in his chest, but both are in great spirits and glad to be home. We praise God for their well-being. Thank you so much for your prayers. God has been very good!