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Their Childhood Home

Aug 17, 2016

By Mark Thiesen

My family and I just completed a memorable trip to Malawi, Africa. It has been five years since we left (2011), but neither Malawi nor its people have left our hearts. It was good for Erik (15) and Dana (11) to return to their childhood home. Ginger had never been to Africa and her knowledge of the country and its people was limited to the many stories she has heard from us.

But this was more than a family visit. We were joined by my mother, Ann Thiesen, and three ladies from the Hazel Dell Church of Christ in Vancouver, WA – Ellen Dodson, Becky Rose, and Sue Ann Jones. In the months before our trip we had regular meetings of preparation. It was clear that God was putting together a team that could work powerfully in different areas. We settled on a three-pronged approach to offer Biblical teaching to children, women, and leaders. Wherever we went, we found that the field is still ripe for the harvest in Malawi. Children, women, and men all received the teaching with enthusiasm and leaders among them pledged to take the teaching on to others.

Our last few days were spent at Namikango Mission. Although the Hayeses, our present Mission families, were out of the country at this time, we enjoyed spending time with some dear co-workers from the past and learning about some of the latest developments in the work there. As always, we found Namikango to be a place where servants are faithfully carrying out work for the Kingdom.