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A Wonderful Reminder

Sep 13, 2016

As we come near the end of our furlough, we couldn’t be more grateful for what God has done during our time here. Though we have been busy traveling and sharing news about Namikango, we’ve also had a great time to relax with family and friends. While we are here in the states, we continue to receive good reports from our Malawian team at Namikango about how things are running. It’s a great blessing for both Ryan and me to be away and know that things are operating smoothly because of the capable staff that exists back in Malawi.

One of the highlights of our time here was the Namikango board meeting, held in Lubbock a couple weeks ago. This was one of the best meetings we’ve had yet, with many items covered and resolved as well as good time to pray and read God’s word together. I am amazed every time I have the opportunity to be with this board and the godly people that God has brought together to help lead this work. Being together was just another wonderful reminder of how God’s kingdom moves because his body, the church, collectively helps it to move, and not only because of the missionaries, or church leaders or preachers. In our case, the support and prayer we receive from those stateside and from this board is immense, and without such, Namikango would not be where it is.

Our family leaves for Malawi in September, while Ryan and Justine stay on to continue their furlough. We are looking forward to getting back, and we continue to ask for your prayers for both our families as we travel and adjust to the change in environments. Thank you all so much for blessing us and making our furlough so good.

Ben Hayes