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A Blessing to Serve

Sep 13, 2016

I am richly blessed to serve on the board for the Namikango Mission in Malawi, Africa. Meetings of the board greatly encourage me as I hear of the various works being accomplished by the Namikango team. As usual, I experienced a spiritual lift on August 19-21 when the board met in Lubbock, Texas.

I am thankful that missionaries Ben and Ryan Hayes, and their families, were in the US on furlough at the time of the meeting and were able to join us. Ben and Ryan gave excellent first-hand reports on what is happening at the mission. I also enjoyed getting to know David Giles and Eric Gephardt.

Teaching Biblical truths continues to be a primary focus of the mission. Bible schools are held in many villages in both Malawi and Mozambique and efforts are being made to establish a higher education school with courses in English.

Namikango also helps meet real physical needs of the people of Malawi, as recent distributions of food and other supplies attest. Plus, it is especially exciting to hear of the efforts of the mission that are intended to help the Malawians learn ways to improve their lives in practical ways. It is hoped a planned agricultural program will enable people to increase their harvests, especially in times of severe droughts. The VSL (Village Savings and Loan Program) is teaching people how to save and provide money that can be used to establish businesses, grow crops and allow people to support themselves. CHE (Community Health Evangelism) is a Christ-centered educational program that equips communities to identify local needs and how to achieve positive, sustainable change.

The maternity clinic and the Ntonda primary school have already made a positive impact for several years. But, imagine having an out-patient treatment center as well as the Maternity center and imagine having a Bible School on the Namikango campus that would teach the Bible in English, WOW! Well, that is already on the horizon. These will greatly add to the positive impact of Namikango on the surrounding area.

In addition to all this are the long-term plans now being made to help the mission become more financially self-sustaining. Good things are happening at Namikango. I heartily recommend prayer and monetary support for this outstanding work.

By Robert Lee, Board Member