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Joining the Namikango family

Oct 18, 2016

My goal is to travel to Malawi towards the end of this year, stopping in Nairobi, Kenya in order to wrap up loose ends there. I should arrive in Malawi in the beginning of January and will begin learning more about Namikango and what the day-to-day flow of the Mission looks like. I will also be focusing on learning Chichewa in the first few months I am in the country. At this point, I will be assisting with the Bible school, working with Malawian leaders to streamline the curriculum, and preparing the school for the accreditation process. I am currently taking courses in Messiah College’s higher education program in order to better prepare myself for working in the school setting. I have always desired to work cross-culturally, and while it is difficult to say with certainty what my future plans are, I feel led to work with Namikango indefinitely, until God says otherwise. I am excited to invest in a mission for the long-term, and I look forward to joining the Namikango family soon.

Eric Gephart