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Mozambique Students Progress Report

Oct 18, 2016

We have two Bible School Centers in Mozambique at Milange and Gurue. They are about 7 hours apart by bus. In an effort to assist the church in Mozambique in spreading the Gospel, we recently invited two brothers from there to be trained in ministry here at Namikango, and then for them to return as missionaries to their own people.

The idea to have someone from Mozambique trained in Malawi was first shared in meetings with these brethren during visits we made in 2014 and 2015. They strongly requested that we send a staff teacher from Namikango to Mozambique as a missionary. Our response was for them to send one of their own men to Namikango for training who could return and work with them. At first, this idea was not well received. Many still cherished the idea of a foreign missionary, preferably white. After some time there has been a change in attitude when early in 2016 they told us that they have now decided to choose a candidate to study at Namikango. This meant choosing one man to represent these two major regions. After consideration, prayer and voting, there were two men left who might be the best for the job. The final decision was to choose between these two men for who would be the best man to send. On Aug 1st, the two men showed up at Namikango. They had decided to send both men to begin their training and coaching.

These brethren started immediately in our Bible School classes, which ran through September, and their performance both in class and outside has been very impressive. They seem to be catching up very well. Enersto was not able to speak Chichewa very well when he first arrived, but he has amazed us all by catching on so quickly, even preaching in Chichewa now. We have been going on weekend meetings with them and every day is a learning process.

These men also participated in three days of our VSL (Village Savings and Loans) seminar that was facilitated by one of our staff, Tinkhani Phiri. The plan will be to further train them in all aspects of our ministry here at Namikango, and to continue discipling them as we grow together. We hope their stay in Malawi over the next several months will be a great blessing for the church in Mozambique.

Symon John Katete