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The Zomba Hopsital

Mar 29, 2013

– Becca Hayes

We wait and wonder if our
staff members have internal bleeding...

Beep…, beep…, beep… goes the machine in the patient’s room. The nurse rushes in to realize that it is only a low battery signal. All is well as the nurses are on duty and the in-room camera monitors the patients. The housekeepers work daily to keep the rooms clean and ready when they are vacant. Sanitation is a priority, and the hospital smells like cleaner and disinfectant. The cafeteria is exploding with the smells of over a dozen different meal choices.

The city hospital has stationary, waist-high beds. Patients who are in worse condition take these beds. Those who are stable or are getting better are moved down under the beds to thin mattresses on the floor. The rooms are packed with people and the nurses are overwhelmed.

We wonder if the x-ray technician will arrive in time to make sure our staff members do not have internal bleeding. Given it is midnight, medication is limited – and so the pain has to be endured.

Symon shared with us this morning what he experienced following the wreckage. It was a strange happening. He described it as an “out-of-body-experience” as if he was in a trance and watching everything from afar as people arrived at the scene of the accident. He spoke of angels being there, sent by God, and they knew who Symon and Rodrick were. He said he just watched and listened to what was taking place all around him, as people were helping at the terrible scene of the accident. He felt that God was surrounding him physically with comfort and strength – this may be an indication of how close to death he was.

There were no fatalities in either vehicle and currently everyone is in stable condition. We are thankful to have received our brothers back at the Mission this past weekend. They are in a lot of pain but recovering slowly.

The support of the Malawian people is amazing to see. There wasn’t a day these two men did not have a room full of visitors and people praying over them. They said there were people of all ages, even children, and all denominations and backgrounds who came to wish them well.

God has uncovered yet another blessing for me to be able to see how His people come together in love.

Vehicle Replacement Fund

What is your target for funds needed for the Mission vehicles and what has been raised so far? Gene Shelburne

Gene and all,
The goal for vehicle funds is $78,000 all together. Contributions to date for this are: $25,760. Ben had set a goal of $60,000 before we lost the latest vehicle in the accident.
We are expecting a settlement of $10,000 from the insurance on the vehicle that was hijacked 8 months ago. Things move slowly there.
I recommend we look toward purchasing two good used vehicles right now to put us back into operation and enable us to do our work as needed. Without transportation, it means much of our teaching work is left undone.
The purchase of a new vehicle is needed for the near future, and this will take a while to accomplish. But for right now, a diligent search for at least one, or hopefully two, good used vehicles is underway, and it looks like Ben is handling this well.
To make sure they know the funds will be there, I have already wired $10,000 to Ben today. With these funds they can secure a purchase and know we will handle the balance as needed.
Sidney Vaughn

Total Funds Needed .............................. $78,000 Contributions Received ..................... – $25,760 Expected Insurance Settlement ....... – $10,000

Balance Remaining ............................... $42,240