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Small Stoves Making a Large Impact

Oct 18, 2016

A couple years ago we purchased some new stoves, called “rocket stoves” for our kitchen on campus. They concentrate the heat obtained by burning firewood more efficiently, thus saving costs and the environment. The result from using these stoves has cut our consumption of firewood by about 60%, which is pretty incredible. While these are good for those who are able to pay the $100 or so to get them, they are not an easy purchase for everyone. So how do we make a similar impact in environmental conservation, and individual expenses, among the general population in a country where the trees are vanishing monthly due to the need for firewood.

Three of our team recently came through a training program that has provided a solution: a wood burning stove using similar conservation concepts made by using local, available, inexpensive materials. At a time like this where hunger is rampant, every possible means of cost saving is important, and these simple stoves make a massive impact. After teaching our 20+ Bible students about this innovation in the last months, all have begun using the method at home. One of our students taught the entire village, and was recently approached by another non-profit organization in his area about a job offer to be their guy for teaching these concepts in other areas.

This is one of several initiatives we’re taking at the moment to make a longer lasting, positive impact on families and communities in this difficult time.

Ben Hayes