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Camping at Camp Meetings

Oct 18, 2016

During this time of year, the dry season, we are out every weekend in the village holding camp meetings – 2-3 day seminars where many churches in an area gather to hear the word of God, and enjoy fellowship. These visits are a major part of our work, as they maintain relationship with the many churches we are affiliated with, as well as providing the chance for further learning to take place. For our staff, this is a very rewarding part of their work. But, it also means sacrifice. When this season arrives, they expect that at least 3 weekends out of every month they will be in a different village, and that is after a long 5 day work week on campus. Accommodations and other provisions can be a challenge, depending on where the village is located, and malaria is always a battle. So to make the weekends a little more enjoyable, we’ve introduced camping, tent style. This solves the accommodation and mosquitoes issue in one go, as well as providing a little more draft in this hot time of the year.  This is not a major invention, but one of the small changes that is effective, boosting both morale, and physical comfort.

Ben Hayes