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Pure religion is to visit the widows . . .

Oct 18, 2016

Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble and to keep oneself unspotted from the world. (James 1:27).

There is a command in this familiar verse that is easy to overlook – that is to visit the widows. Orphans seem to catch our attention, but the widows are easy to neglect.

We decided this year that we would include the widows in our visitations. We did not realize how much God would change us through this program. We are becoming people who act instead of just talking and we have seen our actions have benefitted many. We are slowly growing to become more compassionate towards others in need, especially those forgotten by society.

When a husband in this culture dies, whether he may have been in a public position or a quiet working man, it is easy for the wife to slowly be forgotten. While her husband was alive she may have had many visitors, but after he is gone, she can be lonely much of the time. Sadly, this happens even in the church. A man may have been one of our best leaders but soon after he is gone, we move on and don't look back. We have forgotten the spouse left behind and we overlook the fact that she may have contributed and sacrificed greatly in order for her husband to be a fruitful leader.

We have been guilty of overlooking the spouses of those who have worked with us in years past. But we want to change this. So far this year, we have visited 7 widows who were wives of former Namikango Bible teachers and staff members. The oldest of the ladies we visited was Mrs. Chidothe, whose husband was an administrator here during the early 70s when Bro. B. Shelburne and Lendal Wilks were here at the Bible School as missionaries. She jumped with joy when we came to her house. Her comment was that God has remembered her on that day by sending visitors from the Mission.

The impact of our program has been great and has rekindled the bond that was almost dying. These families now feel they are loved and have not been forgotten. We have assisted each family with a small gift of about $20, and a pack of fortified rice for breakfast to see them through hard days. We are yet to reach out to the widow of late Bro. Nsalira in Lirangwe, and the widow of late Bro. Kalinde in Zomba. We plan to make this an ongoing program on our schedule and there will be more visits as God will provide and direct us to these needy families.

Symon John Katete