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“An Amazing Testimony”

Nov 21, 2016

We recently held an important church gathering for churches in the Zomba district, the district we are in, and one of the larger districts in Malawi. We had representatives there from many churches. The aim of this meeting was to build unity and partnership between the churches in this area.

The meeting was officiated by a couple of our staff members, as well as some village Bible school teachers we brought in to assist with the teaching. The focus was on "Gospel centered church leadership." We had sessions on qualifications of leaders and church worship, among other topics. But the keynote of the day was on Church leadership as depicted by Jesus, the Good Shepherd. We went through several OT passages that carry the theme of leadership, including: the 23rd Psalm, Ezekiel 34, and Jeremiah. Then, how Jesus embodied what it means that 'the Lord is my Shepherd.”

We looked at the amazing heart God has for lost people, both the lost in “the wilderness” and lost within the “Father’s house,” as shown in the parable of the two lost sons and how Jesus amazingly held grace and truth together and how He embodied grace and truth in His life.

The response from this time together has been phenomenal. Several church leaders have gone back to their congregations and, where before they may have carried certain traditions that kept them separated from other churches in the area, they have now seen the importance of giving up customs and preferences for the sake of the greater body of Christ. Others have said, “we want to return to the Bible picture of unity, as taught to us by Jesus,” and have gone back to their churches to explain this desire which resulted from the meeting, and is now impacting the congregations.

This meeting has been an amazing testimony to God’s Spirit being at work among us. Truly, “how wonderful it is when brothers dwell together in unity.”

Ben Hayes