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“Our Man of Peace”

Dec 9, 2016

In the middle of September, two Bible school staff members went to the Malawi/Mozambique border for an outreach program, taking a couple of our Bible students along. This is part of the training our students go through while in the Bible School. It turned out to be an amazing trip. The team spent a few days of going door to door, sharing the Gospel, and teaching.

We have a good Brother in this area who is our contact, our bridge to the community, “our man of Peace" (Mt. 10). His name is Kamanja. After several in the community heard the teaching from our guys, they realized that we were Christians from the same church as Kamanja. They told our guys that if we would call Kamanja to be present, they would be baptized, but they wanted him there to be a witness.

Such was the influence and good standing that our well respected brother, Kamanja, had in this community. Though it has taken time for these people to come to know Christ, the Christ-like example Kamanja had been living became the difference. All in all, we reached out to a total of 569 people. This was one of the most exciting evangelism trips we have been on yet. 12 people were baptized, two of whom were previously Muslims, and one new church was planted.

Ben Hayes