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Dec 9, 2016

When the Lights Go Out!

The one provider of electric power in Malawi, ESCOM, has recently stated that power will be available throughout the country at 38% of full operation. Currently, we are at about 50%, having power half the day. This lack of power makes it not only inconvenient, it can be dangerous for the Maternity Clinic. This is why we have obtained a limited supply of solar power at the Mission for the last 4 years.

This makes a massive difference in our offices and classrooms being able to carry on when these drastic power outages occur. Available computers, the internet, and running water suddenly become issues that can shut down a work day without such backup. In addition to our limited solar supply, we have a backup generator that has typically been used at the Maternity Clinic and at the water pump when the solar supply was being used on the Bible school side. We have had to move the generator back and forth between the Bible school (our offices), the Maternity Clinic (where power is desperately needed), and the water pump (which ensures continued water flow to the Mission and to our neighboring villages).

There is a 3000W inverter that brings the battery power into the house and unfortunately it has developed a fault which requires the inverter to be replaced. It will cost $2,500 to replace this inverter and the related components and it will need to be shipped over here. There are comparable devices for a similar price in Malawi, but you suffer quality. Bringing one in from South Africa costs the same or more as bringing it through the group we’ve used before - African Energy. If you could help us out with these expenses, you would be making a huge, immediately tangible difference. Keeping the lights on allows us to keep active and be productive. We would love to have someone take this on as a project.

Food and the Gospel

Last month we reported about the impact that the training our Agriculture/CHE team received from Crown Ministries has had on our staff and nearby villages. The timing of this training couldn’t be better in terms of its relevance to the current hunger situation in Malawi. All of these trainings are aimed at allowing people touse the God-given resources around them, and by being good stewards of what God has given they can make a tangible change in providing for their physical needs.

We were recently approached by four different villages about two hours from us to come and conduct similar trainings in their areas. Some of these areas were places we had provided hunger relief earlier in the year.

Part of our plan has been to return to these same areas and provide training that will make a long-term difference, so this has been one answer to prayer, among several. Thus our team has gone to train and over the course of a week and half, trained over 100 people in four locations. Village Chiefs, youth, Muslims, and people from other church backgrounds have been among those trained. They not only received skills training but heard the Gospel as well. Our guys see this as a great tool for sharing the Gospel, especially in one of the heavily Muslim populated areas we were in. One response from those being trained was that, by meeting a physical need, people have seen God’s love shown to them, and thus they are more open to hearing the Gospel.

These 100 have since broken into groups who will now target different areas and those areas will be encouraged to train others. This is Bible Math - Multiplication! We will be making follow-up visits soon, and we look forward to hearing about the impact this will have on these communities and are blessed to have been able to visit.

They were quite excited!

Namikango Mission just finished distributing seed and fertilizer to 200 beneficiaries and four lead farmers. The beneficiaries include seven chiefs and 20 different villages. Upon receiving the seed and fertilizer, the people showed great gratitude by their words of appreciation and even by dancing. They were both grateful and excited. The distribution was done with help from the warehouse workers and the Bible school team.

Thondwe Camp Meeting –“Life in All its Fullness”

“Camp Meetings” take place from June through November. This is where we go out to different villages every weekend for the opportunity to teach many people from different churches.

This year’s theme was - “Life in All its Fullness" (Jn. 10:10). Thondwe Church which is located on our campus hosted a camp meeting, which reached an attendance of about 500 people, all staying on campus. It was a three-day event, as most of our camp meetings are, and we had several different lessons and teachers, including "The Gospel," "God’s heart for people," "HIV/Aids," and "Conservation Agriculture."

We made extra use of this opportunity by inviting several key leaders who helped in our previous huge distributions to be present. They were able to share the range of topics.

We requested the people return to their villages and call on those who benefited from the hunger relief program, and train them in what they have learned conserving crops, and the other topics. We are excited that we could help people with food during hard times, but we are even more excited about making a long-term difference. Overall, the camp meeting was a great blessing.

We really want to help with the hunger problem!

But we want to do more than provide food, we hope to help them learn ways to help themselves, to prepare for future needs.

We would like to begin a special plan to teach agriculture conservation in the 23 Village Bible Schools which we sponsor. And we want to do more than teach about it. We want to show them real, working examples that will benefit them for a lifetime. We are proposing that as we teach them better conservation that we start a garden in each Village School area, and that we furnish the seed and fertilizer for this plan. This would be a one-time offer to teach and to show by example.

We calculate the cost to be $47 for each of the 23 Village Bible School locations, for a total of $966. The time is now. People have suffered through terrible hunger and are eager to learn ways to improve their food supply. The time is right. We are beginning this program now, trusting our faithful supporters will respond by providing needed funds.

The garden will also be a demonstration plot for the entire community; it’s a way they all can learn the agriculture techniques we are teaching here. Please help