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"Intersections of Grace"

Mar 29, 2013

After two weeks of hard work, traveling long days in remote areas, and seeing joyful faces, the Hunger Relief program has come to an end.

It is worth mentioning at the beginning that it was on the return of the very last location visited, and on the last day of the relief program, within 18 miles of home, that our two men, Rodrick and Symon, were hit by an oncoming vehicle in a nearly fatal accident. Yet, where Satan intended death, God has saved life. (See my other article for more on this story.)

Even in light of the accident, the program was successful. Because of many of you who generously aided this cause, we were able to help 1,252 people with enough support to relieve their hunger, if only for a while. As mentioned in last month’s bulletin, we targeted churches in six different districts in Malawi. Church leaders gave us a list of those who were in the most desperate need within their congregations and assistance was given directly to the
individual in need. If they were not present when we came, it was then given to the leaders in the presence of the congregation, to be given to those individuals only.

Having been on one of the trips myself, it was amazing to see the impoverished condition that a large majority of the population lived in. Because of this, the level of gratefulness and joy you find in a person after having received an unexpected gift is immense.

I remember a phrase my dad has used many times that as Christians we are “intersections of grace” in people’s lives. I believe that is what each of you who have helped support this cause became over this last month: an intersection where grace in the form of a small gift could meet some little girl or little boy or old woman or old man.

Imagine someone who has nothing and feels they will go on forever with nothing, suddenly receiving an intentional, un-merited gift from someone they’ve never met. Surely God meets people in those moments, whether they realize it or not; for grace given of any sort must have its source in Christ himself.
The Lord bless you all. Ben Hayes