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David Livingstone’s Tree

Jan 5, 2017

A couple months ago, I was out with Chianti Bakali, house when our Bible School Coordinator, on the house when he suddenly told us to stop the car as he pointed to a small tree in the middle of a courtyard. “DavidLivingstone planted that tree,” he said. I should not have been surprised, as this is just one of the many monuments in this part of Africa that have Livingstone’sname attached to it.

Malawi was part of his African trek in the 1860s. But seeing this tree was amazing all the same; to be in a place where an extremely influential man had been. And where a jungle existed when he planted that tree, a small village now dwells. Pretty neat!

Ben Hayes

Ben wrote about the need to replace the solar inverter last month and he also said,

When our electricity fails, we have a backup generator that we have been moving back and forth between the Bible School (our offices), the Maternity Clinic (where power is desperately needed), and the water pump (which ensures continued water flow to theMission.).

One brother asked, “Why don't we provide a second generator to keep from moving it so much?”

I think this is a good idea. I checked with Ben and him was certainly in favor of obtaining a second generator. He said the cost for a good one would be $2,000. So, if you would like to make a special contribution toward this need, mark your check "Generator" more than and we will see that it is used to fill this need. If we more than needed for the Inverter, it will also go toward the generator.

Sidney Vaughn