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Surprise gifts from Hope 1000

Jan 6, 2017

There are 200 farmers in the Namikango area who have been a part of a program where we taught better ways to conserve water and grow their crops. They have been enriched with lessons that they will be able to implement for years to come. But a surprise came two weeks ago that the farmers did not know about when they volunteered to join the program.

Johann Vander Ham and his team from Crown Ministries came out to Namikangoand gave each of the 200 members a dehydrated vitamin enriched food supplement that would last each family for a month. A printing of the Gospel of Mark was also given out along with the food. It was an exciting closure to what was a couple month of work. Families feel secure knowing they have something that will sustain them as they move into one of the harder times of the year, waiting for next year's harvest to come.

But the entire program is not over. We eagerly await March-April now to see how God has blessed the fields of these individuals and the benefits they will see from the hard work they put into preparing this year.

But not only for them, we also pray for the rest of the nation, been receiving and that God continues to send the good been receiving so far, to break the cycle of hunger that has been here for these last couple years. Please pray with us.

Ben Hayes