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God was Working

Feb 8, 2017

For those who didn’t know, Braylon became very sick towards the end of last year, to the point where he had to be medically evacuated to South Africa for treatment.

First off, I want to say HOW GRATEFUL we were for all the prayers and responses we received. Even through the struggles, your prayers were very evident.

Braylon was bleeding internally, and it turns out after the Endoscopy was performed in SA, that it was from a couple of wounds in the upper GI tract. Before we left for South Africa, his blood level had dropped extremely low to the point where we had no choice but to do a blood transfusion here in Malawi. God helped guide us through that, and kept him stable until we could reachSA for the procedure. The exact cause of the bleeding remains unknown, but the medication and treatment received has been effective.

We are now back in Malawi and Braylon continues to heal – some days better than others; but he’s back to his normal self in terms of energy. As Becca and I reflected afterwards, one of the major blessings was the sense of knowing we were surrounded by God’s people all over the world.

In Malawi, peoples’ responses to our situation were incredible. In Jo-burg, a church that we have no affiliation with took us in, provided a car, housing, and food. We were overwhelmed by the generosity and love of God’s people near and far.

During this time, we realized what a blessing it is to have access to good medical care.More importantly, we learned the lesson that no matter how good the doctors and facilities are, we are still ultimately dependent on God.

Ben Hayes