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Our Trip to Malawi - Conclusion from past two months

Feb 8, 2017

We wanted our team to love the Malawian experience the way the Thiesen family did and they did not disappoint us.

Sunday, July 24th we spent the day at Bolero teaching different groups. The ladies were so attentive and seemed to hang on every single word. This is an area where John did much work with an older preacher, Dickson Gondwe, and he is still going strong, still teaching in that area.

I was happy to have Kemelton Harawa as my interpreter while we were in Malawi. He knows English as well as mostAmericans. It was good to present lessons on Christian Living to these dear ladies and have them clearly understand what I was saying through my good translator.

We left Northern Malawi and headed to the Central region.On the way we stopped at Kasungu Game Park. This was rather sad because there weren't very many animals. We saw some elephants and some hippo, but many of the precious animals have been poached. Very sad indeed.

At Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi, we put part of our team on the plane to return to the States. Mark, Ginger, the kids, and I stayed on for a longer visit and more teaching that had been scheduled.

We met at Area 47 Church of Christ and had a large number show up for the studies. Mark taught the men while Ginger, Erik, and Dana taught a group of children. At this time, I was feeling quite sick, but, did manage to teach two lessons there anyway.

We went from there to Namikango Mission and revived fond memories of when Mark was missionary there. On SundayMark and I were scheduled to teach in Blantyre, but both of us were rather sick and unable to keep our appointment.

I feel it truly was a fruitful trip but I must confess it was not all easy since most of the time we did not have hot water for bathing and our diets were very limited. But we did have plenty of granola bars for when we got desperate.

I love that country and its people so much. I miss the gentleladies and their humility.

I appreciate all who have made this trip possible and I appreciate all the prayers offered on our behalf.

Love and Blessings,