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Namikango’s New Farming Aid

Feb 8, 2017

The new V-Tractor, which was donated toNamikango Mission by the Malawi Project last year, has already been making its mark. With 90 acres of land,10 acres of which is farmland at Namikango, there is a great need for mobility and transportation of goods, not to mention taking care of the land itself. The V-tractor has provided both.

During harvest time, thanks to the mobility of this tractor, we now have the means to quickly gather the maize that we have grown on our campus – work that otherwise would have taken weeks to finish. Ferryingmaize to and from the field to the storage facility now only takes a few days.

Furthermore, we have a coffee/macadamia orchard that is in its early stages on the far end of our property.The drought that Southern Africa has been experiencing has made life hard for so many residents of Malawi.The lack of water makes it tough even here at theMission. This tractor, along with its water tank and sprayer, has made it possible for us to irrigate our crops more effectively using much less water.

While the tractor is of great value to the Mission, the ultimate plans for its use have always been to benefit the community. Plans are being developed now as to how we will best be able to do that in the coming months.

In the meantime, we would like to convey our deep gratitude for this very generous gift and to the Malawi Project for making this possible.


When Ben wrote about the need to replace the solar inverter last month he also mentioned they have a back-up generator they move back and forth between their offices and the Maternity Clinic. One Brother asked, “Why don’t we provide a second generator to keep from moving it so much?”

And it seems there were a few who also thought this was a good idea. We have received the funds needed to purchase the inverter as well as an additional generator.

THANK YOU so very much. Sidney Vaughn